I close my eyes, letting darkness and silence fill my mind. I hold my breath in an eternal moment of anticipation. Suddenly, my nose comes alive with the sharp aroma of the sea. A steady wind begins to sweep my hair behind me, making me stand tall and feel beautiful. The familiar humidity envelops me, foretelling rain. My lungs fill with living air as I slowly open my eyes. Delicious colors and textures arrest my vision: translucent turquoise of the sea, vibrant and various greens of nearby plant life, the warm colors of sand, Christmas-colored rambutan, the plump yellow of mango ready for eating. I look down to watch my bare feet remember the singular texture of sand as their calluses become soft in its chafing. Now I become aware of the heartbeat of the ocean, the constant swish, swish, fizz of waves meeting shore. Abruptly, the sensations disappear and I am left in darkness again. I ache for a moment, but then I remember that missing only serves to make a sweeter return.