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Adrian Patenaude

Before the rain comes, the heat grows steadily humid. The air absorbs the sweat of the people like an invisible sponge and sits stagnant for weeks. The people live an impatient cycle of showering, sweating, showering, and sweating. The tension builds. Then a slow silent moment passes as the sky holds its breath. Release. The rain sighs as it touches the earth and the earth sighs with it. Heat and humidity are siphoned silently away and forgotten. The steady sound is both soft and deafening, isolating each house in a sacred place of renewal. The intimate smell of rain fills every mind and the people remain reverently silent. It rains for hours, gently soaking the cracked earth with healing. Eventually it slows to a few drips dropping off the houses and the trees and the clouds. The colors are different now, washed and brightened by the rain. Slowly, the people start to move again and go about their lives. But they are different now, washed and brightened by the rain.