Living with an Attitude of Scarcity

Do you ever feel like you're running out of time? I do. My college years are trickling swiftly away and the real world moves menacingly close. My life is about to end. I've decided that I'd better live now before I grow up and life loses its luster.

Sometimes I feel like there's only so much creativity to go around. I only have a few opportunities to create and if I fumble, it's all over. I'll be barred from that world forever.

This semester, I wrote a story for Film Fest and the project ended up falling through. "There goes my chance," I thought. I joined another team on their project, but couldn't help grieving my idea. I felt jealous of my new team, like they were hogging the meager ration of my creativity.

That Sunday, my pastor talked about the error of living with an attitude of scarcity. He said we become jealous and selfish and grasping when we believe things are going to run out. Blessings are scarce, so we feel like we have to fight for our share.

That's a lie.

Nothing's running out. In reality, God's hands are wide open. The creativity we receive is just the beginning of the Creator's bounty.

One of the Film Fest judges made a great point: "Treat your ideas like goldfish, not babies." If you go around coddling your idea like a baby, prepare yourself for tragedy. But treat it like a goldfish and it will be much easier to let go. Lost ideas will always twinge a bit -- but in the end, it's just a goldfish. There's plenty more where he came from. It's the same with ideas; they aren't going to run out anytime soon!

So reject the selfish scramble for blessing. Instead, embrace an attitude of plenty

Have you ever felt unnecessarily jealous of your time and creativity?