This Is Micro Me


I wrote this micro-autobiography for my English class. 10 chapters, 6 words per chapter.

Chapter I – How It All Began: A Concise Summary

Goody Two-Shoes, M.D., marries prodigal druggie.

Chapter II – In Which I Am Welcomed Into Existence

Brother: “Leave her at the hospital!”

Chapter III – A Tender Shoot is Transplanted to a Farm in Thailand

Dad was allergic to the rabbits.

Chapter IV – A Brief Visit to the United States of America

“Is that somewhere in Texas?” NO.

Chapter V – Testimony of Spiritual Rebirth: the Honest Truth

The Left Behind books terrified me.

Chapter VI – In a Charming, Crooked Northern Thai Village

Lush rice-paddies wasted on wasted people.

Chapter VII – Moving to the Opposite Side of the World (Literally)

My passport says I’m American, but...

Chapter VIII – The Christian University of Abilene

Small town, narrow minds, big hearts.

Chapter IX – Epiphany at My Mother’s Childhood Summer Camp

I’ve roots in this foreign land.

Chapter X – Foreshadowing, Fingers Crossed

“And the Oscar goes to...” Me?