Collision, 9:35 a.m., Hwy 351

I was in a car accident last Tuesday. I came out of it with very few injuries and this poem:

it happens so fast
red spot on white bag
stained glass windshield
my surreal scream
music still playing:
Young Oceans
white sleep
the voices penetrate
pull me out
“Can you hear me?”
blue sky
yellow helmets kind faces
I smile
“Name?” “Birthday?” “What happened?” “Where are you?”
name tag, Kenny
calm questions, explanations
fractured left clavicle
contusion, laceration, abrasion
can’t get IV in
gliding through ER
fluorescent lights, false ceiling
kind of fun
“Name?” “Birthday?” “What happened?”
“What hurts?”
new jeans slit
nearly naked shivering under blankets
cold machine whirring like airplane turbine
lead vest heavy, secure
no concussion, neck brace removed
I can almost breathe fully now
my friends arrive
gentle banter
motherly caresses
I watch this time
grasping hands tightly
feeling brave