Film Fest 2014


The results are in! 14 films were submitted to Film Fest, which was twice as many as last year. The event itself had a great turnout, with over 750 people attending the black tie awards gala. It was packed and everyone was excited for a glamorous night at the historic Paramount theatre. I considered my work as the advertising director a success. Film Fest was finally getting the buzz it deserved. 

My team and I were excited and nervous, especially my director of photography, Denzil. He worked so hard on this project and was eager to see how we shaped up against the competition.

Finally, the lights dimmed and the screen lit up with the first film: For Always, written and directed by none other than my brother, Lucius Patenaude


Oh crap. That was perfect. And it made me cry. He’s gonna win. 

Then we got to see our film on the big screen. Id Infinity is a story I wrote exploring themes of cultural identity using the metaphor of a shapeshifter. Here’s my logline just for fun: A shapeshifter is confronted with its true identity when the government threatens to take away its abilities.


After more films, we paused for a short intermission. At this point I was unsure if we would win anything at all. Denzil and I looked at each other across the row of seats. Oh dear. 

Finally, it was time for the awards. Best Screenplay and Best Director went to Kyle Knapp and his brilliant horror story, It’s Locked. Dang. I was hoping for Best Screenplay. Pretty much everything else went to the For Always team. But then, the announcers declared: Best Technical Director goes to Denzil Lim! He looked over at me in shock and I just yelled at him to get up there and accept his award. I was SO proud! He deserved every ounce of that gold plastic statuette... and so much more. Read his reaction to the win here.

And finally, the award for Best Picture goes to... 

For Always!

No surprise there. And I couldn’t be prouder. Lucius has narrowly missed Best Picture for the past two years, so it’s the perfect ending to a great four years of Film Fest involvement.

The next morning, we had the feedback session with the judges, which is honestly the whole reason you submit to Film Fest. Their wisdom is invaluable. Even though I didn’t win anything, I was encouraged by the things we did well. As a whole, I’m very proud of the short film we produced.