Third Culture Kids Adapting to Their Surroundings

Finals week is almost over, so I thought I'd share my last photography project with you. If you haven't heard the term "Third Culture Kid" before, a TCK is a person who grew up among multiple cultures, forming a "third" culture from the mixture. I'm a TCK because my parents are from the States, but I grew up in Thailand as a missionary kid. My passport says USA, but my heart is Asian with just a dash of Texan.

For my photo project, I decided to do a portrait series with some of the other TCKs I know. An interesting talent TCKs have is their ability to adapt quickly to whatever culture they are surrounded by. This is reflected in the language they speak, how they dress, and even what body language they use. I tried to capture that in these portraits. The first set is with my brother who is also from Thailand and Texas, the second is with my roommate who is half-American and half-Japanese, and the third set is with my friend who has grown up all over Europe and Asia.