Advent 2014: Revelation


Worship only God. For the essence of prophecy is to give a clear witness for Jesus. (Rev. 19:10)


Advent Reading Day 5 - Revelation 19:1-10

Revelation has always confused me and I have a feeling I’m not the only one. This passage is no different. It’s full of mystery and symbolism I don’t fully understand. But a few things stand out to me about the character of God.

First, this passage shows that God is just. We have all experienced the brokenness of this world, but we have the comfort of knowing God isn’t going to leave it like that. In Revelation, we see that God has punished his enemies and “avenged the murder of his servants.” Not only does he fight for his glory, he fights for us. God sees every pain and injustice we have experienced on this earth and promises to make everything right in the end. What a wonderful promise!

Second, this section shows us that God is worthy of worship. It also shows us that we are not alone in worshipping him. Sometimes I wonder if I’m a little crazy to be worshipping a God I’ve never seen, but reading this story is so confirming to my faith. When we worship, not only are we joining countless believers in glorifying our God, we are singing with angels and heavenly beings. One day, we will get to see all of God’s worshipers in one place and hear what will sound like “the shout of a huge crowd, or the roar of mighty ocean waves, or the crash of loud thunder.” And God will be worthy of all of it.

Finally, I love the last verse in this passage. It seems to clarify everything I can pull from the rest of the story. I may not understand all the things happening in this passage, but here is something I can hold onto: “Worship only God. For the essence of prophecy is to give a clear witness for Jesus.”

The beauty of our faith is that we don’t have to understand all of God’s mysteries in order to know Jesus intimately. By worshipping God and building a relationship with the person of Jesus, we will naturally begin to bear witness about him to the people in our lives. We don’t have to explain him; we just have to make the introduction.

I may not understand the subtle symbolism of Revelation, but I’ve come to experience the love of my Savior. And more and more, I’m realizing that’s all I need to know.

This is a guest post I wrote for my church during the advent season. Originally published here.