Current Obsessions - 10.7.15

Cuz some things are too good not to share.

1. The Martian

I've been anticipating this movie for MONTHS, ever since I heard the premise and even more so after reading the brilliant novel by Andy Weir! It did not disappoint. The film had a few slight changes from the book, but Mark Watney's smartass tone was perfectly expressed onscreen - a refreshing departure from the angst of other recent space movies like Gravity and Interstellar (though I love those movies, too). 

The success of The Martian just goes to show you what wonderful things can happen when you are genuinely excited about creating something. Andy Weir's story quickly escalated from nerdy blog series to 99 cent find on Amazon to New York Times bestseller to Ridley Scott directed blockbuster. Bottom line: enthusiasm is infectious - and might just get you a movie deal with freakin' Matt Damon! 

2. Perfection

Motivation to sit down and get 'er done. Full article.

"The first draft is always perfect, because all it needs to do is exist."

3. Poorly Drawn Lines

Non sequitur + smart observation + middle school humor = Poorly Drawn Lines. Here's a great review attempting to explain the absurd charm of one of my favorite web comics. Like it on Facebook for your daily lol.

4. The Bieber Found Jesus

And his faith is raw. Read the full interview and check out the accompanying photo/video shoot (do I spy baptism imagery?)

If we can understand that we’re all imperfect, let’s come to God and come for his help. You’re not weak by doing that. I think that’s a common misperception of Christians, that you’re being weak because you can’t handle it. None of us can handle this world, dude! It’s eating us alive. But, man, I don’t wanna have to do it on my own. 

5. Word.

Stumbled across a new favorite: "boondoggle." It has a fascinating history, is hilarious to say, and even has a Thailand connection that makes this missionary kid chuckle.