Twitter Rant: Parenting

Current and future parents listen up! A few lessons from a kid (me) who not only survived an atypical upbringing, but FLOURISHED:

Do what it takes to support your kids, but don't underestimate their resilience. Say yes to adventures and BRING THEM WITH YOU.

Talk to your kids like adults. They'll catch up. And they'll have a SCINTILLATING vocabulary. (See what I did there?)

Call bullshit on the lie that every kid needs a big house in the suburbs. The world is full of kids who have so much less and are HAPPIER.

The emptier the toy chest, the richer the imagination. Get your kids a cardboard box and watch the magic happen. Make "bored" a cuss word.

Ask for help. Your kids will rise to the occasion and learn something about their own abilities.

For example: As a missionary kid, I helped my parents edit newsletters, plan events, develop materials appropriate to the Thai audience etc.

I now have a career in PR and I learned 87% of the necessary skills in MIDDLE SCHOOL.

I can't wait to have kids. I had a BLAST growing up and they will too.