Current Obsessions - 9.21.15

Cuz some things are too good not to share.

1. Meta Muppets

The new Muppets TV show is so meta. Satirical, self-referencing, and as clever as always. They even have active Twitter profiles set up for several of the characters, creating a heightened sense of reality.

2. On Love & Obsession

The following Instagram caption by @kimberlysabatino stopped me in my tracks. Is it the person we love or merely our idea of them?

Sometimes we spend more time falling love with people than actually getting to know them.

3. My First Journal

I started journaling consistently when I was 11 years old, just after I moved to a tiny village in northern Thailand. I lived there for five formative years, the golden years of my childhood and the longest I've lived anywhere. I recently started rereading my journal and the childish entries brought back the emotions and sensations of the era in full force. 

4. Made In Heights

Been playing this song on repeat.

Y'know you could be mistaking me for somebody else
All the roses you could send to me can sit on my shelf
Now my chain is feeling heavy on my neck when I write
But my heart is beating steady and I know it never lies

5. Letters From Home

My mom still sends me letters, handwritten treasures worn from overseas travel. They are comforting, sweet, insightful, challenging, truthful and courageous - and above all, a reminder that I will always have a place where I belong. No wonder this quote resonated with me so well.

6. Jomny Sun Fools Twitter

Comedy account @jonnysun tweeted fake info to see how many people would buy into it without verifying. Read the full story here. Well done, Jomny Sun.