Current Obsessions - 9.4.15

Cuz some things are just too good not to share.

1. Ben Khan

Ever hear a song and instantly get hooked? Take a listen. I also really liked this snippet from a feature on him: "Khan admits he 'was probably one of the more popular kids.' He says being a skater helped, but most likely it was 'just because I was the new kid on the scene—people thought I had something to say.'" I think he still does.

2. This Quote

Cameron Strang on starting Relevant Podcast

"We weren't afraid of failing because the worst case scenario was we'd learn from the experience." 

3. A Delightful Exhibit of Vintage Internet

Can't explain. Just click here >> Cameron's World 

4. Austin House Show

I got to cross an important item off my Austin bucket list: going to a house show. And it happened the best way imaginable: completely spontaneous on a weeknight, my hair still wet from swimming laps. And of course, two lovely bands playing for the sheer joy of it. Thanks to Lowland Hum and The Collection for making my week!

5. C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy

Just started on the last one! C.S. Lewis takes on sci-fi? Sign me up.