Time is on your side

One of my greatest realizations since graduating college is that I am in complete control of how I spend my time. I refuse to say things like "I ran out of time" or "I wish I had time to..." because I have exactly the same amount of time as anyone else. Either I can choose to take charge of where I invest it, or I can passively let it disappear due to my laziness or inability to say no. But as a mentor of mine frequently tells me, whenever I say yes to something, I'm saying no to something else. Or as my parents say, "good is the enemy of best."

I talk a lot about being a filmmaker, but how much time do I actually spend writing and filming? At some point, I have to back up my words with actions. And if I want to get anywhere with my passions, I can't avoid the fact that I need to put in some serious hours to hone those skills. When I finally came to terms with that reality, it was freeing to see how much I could delete from my life. Saying no was empowering. I'm more relaxed and at peace now because I'm investing in my higher calling instead of wasting time on a million other things. 

You'll always have restraints on your time. Maybe you work an 8-5 office job (like me). Maybe you're a new parent, so your focus is on your kid (and rightfully so). But realize you have more flexibility than you might think. If you care about something, you make time for it. Period. It's fine if your priorities have shifted – just make sure you're spending your time purposefully on whatever you care about, not out of a false sense of being trapped.

I promise you, you're not.