AAAFF Poster Design: Emily Ding


My first task as marketing director for the Austin Asian American Film Festival was to find an artist to design our 2017 poster! My mind immediately went to Emily Ding, the Austin street artist who so often splashes her colorful portraits and fantastical creatures on the walls of the HOPE Outdoor Gallery. Her art had consistently drawn my eyes and captured my imagination, so I reached out to her on Instagram to gauge her interest in the project. To my delight, she agreed to take a stab at the poster concepts and she ended up creating the gorgeous series of portraits above which became the basis for the branding of the 10th AAAFF! I love the simplicity and boldness of the series, showcasing a diversity of faces within a broad cultural category and the unique vision that each brings to the world of cinema - a perfect parallel to AAAFF's mission. For more details about Emily Ding, read her AAAFF artist profile here or see more of her art on Instagram!