2017 >>> 2018

Photo by  Lucius Patenaude  (Leica)

Photo by Lucius Patenaude (Leica)



My focus for 2017 was “faith is confidence” as inspired by Hebrews 11:

“Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see... By faith we understand that the entire universe was formed at God’s command, that what we now see did not come from anything that can be seen.”

“Faith is confidence” challenged me to believe that God’s promises to me are true. It dared me to hope for things that only God could orchestrate, dreams that had no likelihood of fulfillment without God’s favor and intervention. It also required me to act on that faith, positioning myself to receive his promises. Chance the Rapper echoes these verses with his questions: “Are you ready for your blessings? Are you ready for your miracle?”

At the end of this year, I can say it with sincerity: I’m ready for my miracle. 

In 2017, I...

  1. Moved into a lovely new apartment 
  2. Grew into a sweet friendship with my roommate
  3. Met my favorite director, Jeff Nichols
  4. Paid off my car
  5. Celebrated Passover for the first time
  6. Adopted Moko
  7. Saw Fenech Soler live
  8. Competed in the 48 Hour Film Project with friends
  9. Rediscovered watercolors
  10. Turned 24
  11. Chopped off my hair and spent time exploring my fashion sense
  12. Started taking the bus
  13. Became a better fangirl
  14. Made significant new friendships and said goodbye to friends who moved away
  15. Met a snake in a park, the highlight of my summer
  16. Witnessed the total solar eclipse
  17. Got a raise
  18. Met my favorite author, Patrick Ness
  19. Published a new poem, “eggs benedict"
  20. Celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas in a day with my family
  21. Met David Lowery, Tess Morris and Kay Oyegun at the Austin Film Festival
  22. Met my favorite aliebn, jomny sun
  23. Completed my first feature screenplay, “SENT”
  24. Applied to grad school for screenwriting
  25. Volunteered as marketing director of the 10th Austin Asian American Film Festival


2018 begins in a few hours.

The Holy Spirit has gently guided me to Psalm 16 as my scripture of focus for this year. The key phrase is worded differently across translations: 

  • “You will fill me with joy in your presence.” (NIV)
  • “…granting me the joy of your presence.” (NLT)
  • “In your presence there is fullness of joy.” (ESV)

The Common English Bible startled me most: “In your presence is total celebration.”

My Bible’s notes explain that the Hebrew word for “joy” used in this passage is plural to emphasize the sheer scope of joy found in his presence.

I spend enormous mental and emotional energy longing for my future: longing for the place where I’m fully accepted, for the day I can freely live out my calling, for the man who will deeply love me back. I long for a season of joy instead of struggle.

But Psalm 16 reminds me of the true source of joy. No number of answered prayers can replace the quiet, enduring joy of God’s presence. In 2018, I want to find out exactly what that means.

My prayer is the same for you: May this year be a total celebration.