Quick question, God


Why’d you make cockroaches?
How'd you come up with the platypus?
Also. Blobfish.
Are aliens real?
(Should we be worried?)
Why did you make the Bible so confusing?
Or is that one our fault?
When are you coming back?
Why won’t anyone date me?
Please don’t come back until someone dates me.
Am I gonna die early?
Nvm I don’t wanna know.
Why is my life so nice when Christians in other countries are being tortured?
Who am I to ask for anything?
If someone never hears about Jesus, do you give them a second chance?
Do kids who die young really go to heaven?
I hope so.
Is heaven even a real place??
Are you gonna let me in???
Is it boring there, if it’s real?
Do we get to rule our own planet?
I think I read that somewhere.
Probably not in the Bible.
How misguided am I really? Don’t tell me..
Real talk: Why am I still here?
I hate this place.
I really tried this year but nothing’s changed.
When do I get to move on?
What’s taking you so long.
Where are you?
Am I talking to myself?
Or are you ignoring me?
Which one’s worse.
Are you still there?


A friend and I are going through Beth Moore's new Bible study, The Quest, right now. It's all about coming to God with our unedited questions: not judging our doubts, not dismissing our dreams, not condemning ourselves, not hiding what we really think. This poem (is it a poem?) is what spilled out. It's painful, at first, to be real with God. But I've found it refreshing. Something new is breaking through.