That Thing You Do


I started to write this post on Monday but ran out of time on my lunch break because I couldn’t narrow down all the reasons why I love this film! That Thing You Do is everything you could hope for from a film written and directed by Tom Hanks. It’s playful, heartwarming and realistic but devoid of cynicism - much like Hanks’ character, the seasoned band manager guiding the youthful members of yet another one-hit wonder through their sudden success. Every cast member in the movie is a quotable treasure (hello, baby Steve Zahn!!!) The band’s drummer, the boyish Guy Patterson (aka Shades), could very well be Looking For Corny’s mascot of earnestness, losing ALL his cool when he meets his idol Del Paxton at a jazz club, declaring “You. Are. My Biggest Fan.”

The true light of the movie, though, is Liv Tyler’s character, the soft-spoken Faye (still leading my list of baby girl names btw). She’s a sweet, steady presence throughout the movie, not easily missed yet taken for granted by some. In one key scene, she delivers an elegant and resolute monologue that to this day empowers me to value myself as a woman. It’s also worth noting that the dress she’s wearing in that scene always makes me swoon (and I’m no fashionista). The cherry on top of all these delights is the infectious soundtrack that never fails to put me in a deliciously familiar good mood.