Some things to think about:

God crafted the colors of golden hour light with the anatomy of the human eye in mind.

Vibrations traveling through air and along the delicate bones in our head have the power to touch the invisible parts of us.

Turtles derive great pleasure from swimming, horses enjoy a brisk roll in clean grass, and omg have you seen a dog at the beach?

Human bodies are squishy and stretchy and ever-changing and come in all sorts of colors and have the ability to make more humans.

A lot of things are broken, but a lot of people are trying to fix it.

None of us get through life unscathed, but God draws us through experiences that sculpt our souls in ways we could never predict.

The roly-poly and the capybara and the blue-footed booby exist for no discernible reason, but we're all glad they do.

Our planet looks so small and fragile from billions of miles away that it has to be significant we've lasted this long.

Just something to think about.