In 2016,
I made a short film I'm proud of with my brother and friends I love dearly,
Returned to judge the student short film festival that helped me realize I'm a filmmaker,
Stood beside two of my best friends as they became one,
Walked with a new mentor and friend through deep pain and intimate joy,
Forged a friendship and writing partnership with a woman of great faith and a killer storytelling instinct,
Became kinder with myself and more comfortable with silence,
Learned (again) that the holy desire for connection can be destructive in the absence of proper boundaries,
Made significant progress on my first feature screenplay and cemented my philosophy of screenwriting as devotional practice,
Understood what it means to be an Enneagram 4 and used it to appreciate my wiring and improve my emotional health,
Started listening to The Liturgists Podcast which helped me embrace even the most blasphemous lines of questioning because God will meet me even there,
Discovered a favorite director in Jeff Nichols,
Told my first story to a crowd of hundreds at Backyard Storytelling,
Took another pilgrimage to Austin Film Festival to refresh my screenwriter heart,
Refused to shy away from engaging in the painful election season by coming to terms with my changing ideals and ultimately voting my conscience,
Explored Italy with my family and celebrated Christmas with them for the first time in two years,
Invited God back into my messy process – and oh what a good work he has done in me this year.

Adrian PatenaudeComment