Twenty-four. Tomorrow I turn another year older, and I admit I'm bringing a bit of sadness along with me. The past few months have been emotionally painful and mentally exhausting. The feelings have been so deep and nameless that at one point I found myself unable to write, resorting instead to talking out loud while chopping vegetables in an empty kitchen. When things fall apart and relationships change, when I see myself unintentionally hurting and disappointing others, I retrace my steps and wonder if I could have done better. And the answer is yes, but you're only human. So, forgiveness. And grace. For myself and others, and accepted from God. He is the God of second chances, third chances, and beyond. He chooses us again and again. So despite my lingering grief, I have hope for this year. He hasn't given up on me. And by his strength, I won't give up on you.