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Ever since I started my first journal as a kid, writing has been a way for me to tell stories and stay sane in an often overwhelming world. It became so second nature to me that it wasn't until college that I recognized my writing as a gift.



I have a few shorts under my belt so far and I'm currently writing my first feature screenplay, an as-yet-unnamed project about a doubt-riddled missionary journey to an alien planet.


This short film script was my way of confronting the fear of wasted time. It follows a man's life as he experiences the passage of time at varying speeds and eventually starts to panic when he realizes his time will be up soon.

The Pursuit

The Pursuit is a romantic comedy with a car chase, featuring a chili red Mini Cooper (naturally). I used The Italian Job script as a reference in this exercise in visual writing.




Whether it's content for a website, blog, print ad, social media account or more traditional public relations channel, I always write from a deep understanding of the client and its key messaging. By communicating consistently and distinctly, I give each story a fighting chance to be heard through the noise.


Bylined Article: Wincor Nixdorf

Radio Script: Olay (STUDENT WORK)

Advertising Campaign: Tegu (Student Work)



I write the occasional article and movie review. Take a look at a few of my favorites and check me out on Medium or Letterboxd.

How Science Fiction Brings Us Back To Earth

Unchurched Hymns




My lifelong dream of being published became a reality when my college writing mentor encouraged me to submit my best work from his poetry class (which I took on a whim). Three of my poems were accepted for publication in the Spring 2014 edition of The Mochila Review, a national undergraduate literary magazine. Read my chapbook and recent poems below.

Golden Hour

Recent Poems