Writer / Filmmaker / Confessional Poet

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Photo by Lucius Patenaude

Photo by Lucius Patenaude


Writer / Filmmaker / Confessional Poet

My story began in northern Thailand and is unfolding here in Austin, Texas. I make a living in public relations, and cultivate my life with faith and friends. I see screenwriting as a devotional practice and filmmaking as an opportunity to engage with diverse perspectives. I write short films, features, poetry, tweets and #notesformymemoir. I get high on sunshine, sci-fi, vulnerability and cold brew.

Hope to hear your story soon.


P.S. Sometimes I make movies with my brother.  








PR & Marketing

I work as an account executive at Crosswind Media & Public Relations and volunteer as the marketing director of the Austin Asian American Film Festival. See my professional experience here: Résumé

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