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When I think about the movies that have changed me, the feeling they have in common is one I can only describe as holy fear: that one last gasp before it cuts to black. Moments that bring me into contact with the great mystery that exists just beyond my comprehension but just within my grasp. 


Third Kind

On the second day of 2016, my brother and I decided to kick off the new year by shooting our latest short film in Austin. It examines the story of a repeat alien abductee who feels homeless and abandoned back on Earth. (Currently submitting to festivals.)


Id Infinity

While not my best work, Id Infinity was my first original short film and the project where screenwriting finally started to click for me. I used the metaphor of a shapeshifter to explore themes of cultural identity. It won for Best Technical Direction at ACU Film Fest 2014 and was later featured on Gate37, a website for Third Culture Kids (TCKs). Read my interview here.



One of my personal favorites, Meet Cute was inspired by my obsession with 90s rom-com classics like You've Got Mail and While You Were Sleeping. My team shot and edited this over a weekend and entered it into ACU's 48 Hour Film Fest.


Small World

A visual story from my summer in India, exploring themes of travel, leaving home and the beauty of "small world" moments.


Ethnos Culture Shock

I created this intro video to the annual culture show produced by the International Students' Association at ACU. As the director, I also wrote a series of comedic sketches to intersperse between dance acts.