The Jezabels


I knew my first guest post had to be Lucius Patenaude. No one has shaped my taste in books, movies, music and video games more than my big brother. Today he’s here to tell you about his first music obsession, forever his favorite band.

I didn't give a damn about music. I read books, watched movies, played video games. Because they moved me. Words conjured vibrant worlds. Film visuals took my breath away. Gameplay immersed me in a way nothing else could. My eyes are how I experience the world. Music did nothing. It filled the background, but nothing more. Then I was sent a video, and halfway through I realized I was no longer watching. I was listening. The song was "A Little Piece" by The Jezabels. No music had demanded my attention before. No music had enthralled me as letters on a page or images on a screen. It was a key to a whole other world.

The Jezabels were my first band, and are my favorite band. They set me exploring in this medium and taught me how to appreciate it. I've ranged far and wide among the genres. But I always come back to my first love. They never get old.

The Jezabels started with a series of EPs that became a trilogy, and it's still the best way to be introduced to their work. Album art by Christopher Doyle & Co.