Neither Here Nor There (Podcast)


My dear friend Mo Sibyl invited me on her podcast when she was back in town a few weeks ago! The More Sibyl Podcast is about “culture and cultural nomads designed for Blacks and Asians and those who love them.” I met her at a Chinese New Year party a few years ago and we hit it off talking about movies and poetry (we discussed Rumi that night I believe) and her deep appreciation for Korean culture and language. Since then we’ve bonded over Black Mirror watch parties and she’s spoken encouraging truth to me at my most vulnerable moments, playing a powerful role in my healing and growth during this difficult season of my 20s. She’s a woman of wisdom and verve and we are lucky to have her voice and presence in the world!

Listening to the podcast episode we recorded together, I was pleased and touched because I’ve never heard myself show up so fully. We touched on all of my favorite subjects and many of my personal heroes and beloved artists: Jonny Sun, Austin Kleon, Jasper Fforde, Mari Andrew, The Oh Hellos, and my latest obsession, Abhi the Nomad (TCKs represent!) I felt proud listening to myself because I’ve taken great pains to cultivate my varied interests and develop into a more self-aware person. I know I have a long way to go and still numb myself too often to the internal work I should be doing. But I’m trying, and this conversation showed me that the work is paying off. (Side note: Anything that looks effortless rarely is.) I quite like who I am becoming, and Mo truly brings out the best in me. She has always seen it and spoken it over me as a blessing. She gives me courage to keep leaning into the work of life. That’s the magic of Mo.